Manage Jio Phone Booking Get Your Groove on With Stainless Steel Rings

Not many think of jewelry when it comes to thinking about stainless steel. It is an alloy containing iron which is mixed up with more than two elements and is used in making jewelry. Have you always eyes an excellent wedding band made of this metal? Well, they are quite new to the market however they are slowly climbing the ladder of popularity with the durability, prices and surprising quality.The polished gleam on the surface is worth buying it and is certainly one of the most affordable choices. They are a nice luxury to the trendy shopper who is price-conscious yet wants an addition to the ornament box. The points mentioned below highlight the ways you can get your groove on with inexpensive rings on your fingers.The chic elementThe very popular Stainless Steel Rings are usually worn by celebrities, and you can easily find them sporting with all glory. Right from sports stars, movie idols to rock stars everyone is wearing them with panache. They have an exclusive masculine appeal and are scratch-resistant.

The thin metal band that can be easily worn on the fingers does not tarnish due to wearing it daily. It is available in various styles to make it hip to wear. It is the ultimate for the man who is style conscious. With a broad variety of choices they come in, most of them are fashionable and modern. If you are seriously considering buying one you totally should.Competitive pricingThere are many gold plated colors you shall find in the Stainless Steel Rings. The price point changes with each kind of plating. For models that have a volume of more than three cm3 of gold as well as non-gold plating, the price ranges are very different.An extra plating costs extra. The compact models are often on discount. The highly detailed stainless steel could be the perfect one for you to sport any style. Some of the rings have Titanium’s strength incorporated into them, and the pricing is done to fit every kind of budget. Some fancy designs have three-dimensional prints on them.The finishesEvery design that is embossed in the rings has their finish and material. This is the reason that many other options that you get on them. The material is silver in color and is also polished by default. If there are unpolished spots, they tend to look much darker than the ones that are polished.There are many other finishes that you get, and that includes gold, wheat penny, pewter and medieval. Most of the gold finishes owe their golden tinge due to the rings being given a gold bath with color. It is entirely your discretion as to what kind of design you want to get ahead with. Every team works with updated guides on designs, and the new ones are ready to use.Many hollow models have holes in it. Therefore if you have a special occasion to gift it to someone special you can always make peace with the fact that you gifted something stylish. You also get brushed, satin, polished and hammered finishes too.Grades are the main thingMetals are usually distinguished by the grades and some of the other involving structure, finish, and composition. Since they come in different grades, it is imperative to know that this kind of steel rings are made of metal alloys. For example, silver with chromium gives you the best quality steel that is of the highest grade. However, the rings that are black stainless steel are given the highest regard because they have a masculine appeal and are sleek. You can find them in tinted to silver in high-gloss forms.

Staying armed with accurate knowledgeDespite popularity, people need to muster enough knowledge before purchasing the ring. If you have the right idea, you can always pick the best one for you. Hence the tips mentioned above shall be of great help for selecting the finishes and different color plates. They are the most inexpensive rings, and you can always manage to have more than with yourself. No matter how many you purchase, more shall always be less for you with this incredible skin friendly metal.

Artificial Intelligence and Our Humanity

We hear and read about it everywhere these days.

You hear people saying, “The future is now.”

“We have to give way to technology.”

“We’ll be better off and live better lives (maybe not even work) if we let AI do it.”

Yes, technology is here, and we are living at the dawn of the age of AI, and it’s a topic that we’ve seen and heard a lot more about this year.

I wonder what the opportunities will be for the average person. You know, the person who is not the founder of Facebook, Google or Amazon, which have placed such high barriers to entry that it will be rare for companies to break into that stratospheric league.

What’s Going to Happen with Humans?

Do you wonder what’s going to happen to the average person? AI are taking over customer service, writing, design, sales, law, and medicine. As a businessman and social entrepreneur, the reality is that if you’re looking at things in a purely bottom-line manner, using AI could make a whole lot of sense. They never get sick. They work 27/7/365. They never stop and can indeed produce more than any human can–in a lifetime. From a pure dollars and cents perspective, AI can make a lot of sense.

But then you have to wonder about the broader implications of AI, and I sense that society has not even started to get its head around the implications. If you pay even a little attention to the news, then you know that a few months ago Facebook engineers shut down and pulled the plug on AI that decided on its own to go ahead and develop a new language. It was more efficient for them to get the work done, but humans did not understand. It seems that the language was basic, but what happens if the AI had not been shut down? Would they have developed a highly sophisticated way to communicate and operate that completely excised human?

I agree that technology can be beneficial to society. I think most people would agree that we’d prefer to send a bot into a dangerous situation, say war, rather than ask our men and women to put their lives on the line. I think there’s something to be said for the rapidly expanding role of robotics in medicine. For example, the fact that we’ve started to print human organs with 3D is a significant advancement, and we have to hope that many lives will be saved.

The Deeper Issues Related to AI

My concern as I dig deeper into the issue of AI is what the implications are for the human race, and yes, that even includes how we in the philanthropic sector connect with each other and with the world we serve. As I noted in the previous article I wrote, the Partnership on AI, which is a collaborative effort between mega-companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google and leading non-profits such as UNICEF and Human Rights are trying to lead the conversation about the implications of AI in all of our lives.

If you tune in even a little bit into the conversation about AI, you know that we have to deal with many issues, including some of the following:

Safety: We don’t want to be in a situation where AI is created, and it is not obligated to protect human life.
Transparency: We had the recent situation with Facebook where they shut down AI, but who rules (government or business) when someone says “Houston, we have a problem”?
Labor and the Economy: Whose responsibility is it to train people as AI develops and what will their work functions be in light of a much more powerful AI partner? Will people even have jobs?
Society: For communities around the world, which certainly includes nonprofit and philanthropic work, what will be the impact of AI on philanthropy, education, charitable work, science, private/public partnerships, etc.

The reality seems to be apparently developing that there are few areas–if any–that AI will not touch.

Humanity’s Competitive Advantage

When I read about issues related to AI, I think of one thing–humanity. I believe we all have to get into the conversation now about the implications of AI. I’m someone who likes and values people precisely because we are imperfect. There is a lot of prose and poetry in the human condition. AI cannot love, demonstrate courage, hope, dream, feel fear, etc.

In my mind, those qualities are what makes humans so much better than AI. Our values are our competitive advantage in comparison to AI. There is something intrinsic within people (some call it a soul or spirit, others connect the scientific dots of all the elements that make up our brains, hearts, and bodies) that makes us unique, and yes, even exceptional.

We have a serious conversation that has to take place about AI, but it involves all humans, and we have to pay attention before we have a situation we did not bargain for in the age of technology.

The Path for Humanity as it Greets AI

In many ways, I hope that AI begins to break down the things that divide us and that we discover that as humans, we are all the same. We are. Take away the issues of money, race, religion, gender and everything else; we all bleed red.

We all hurt.

We all hope.

We all dream.

The way I see it, the time is now for humanity. It can be our finest hours at the dawn of a new age–provided we all get out of our own way and engage in a global dialogue about humanity in the age of AI.